About ALTEMA TV Productions s.r.o. (LTD)

ALTEMA TV Productions s.r.o. is a Czech LTD company active in the video and television industry. Founded in the beginning of 2009, ALTEMA TV is the latest project of a group of individuals who have co-built up one of the largest Czech internet news portals, iDNES.cz, and have co-built up and stabilized the Czech TV music channel Ocko.

Besides television and other video activities, the company plans to launch a new television broadcasting channel in the Czech Republic.

The focus of the enterprise is to develop an alternate source of serious, full format television content broadcast on a national level, with emphasis on low cost, global, community, and open source principles.

The CEO of the company is Stanislav HOLEC, creative content is under the direction of Karel RICHTR, sales are coordinated by Pavel PSEIDL, and legal matters by Josef OTCENASEK.



Press Release June 25, 2010: 

New television channel ALTEMA is not launching in UPC cable network this year, the company changes its plan

The new television channel ALTEMA, founded by the Czech company ALTEMA TV Productions, will not start broadcasting on UPC cable this year. In 2009 the cable television operator UPC Czech Republic confirmed that it would carry the channel (a requirement for the licensing procedure), but later it changed its attitude. Accordingly, the leadership of ALTEMA has changed its business plan. ALTEMA will utilize other distribution means- including Internet- for the new channel. The program will be modified slightly and the launch of the overall project is postponed. In the meantime, ALTEMA TV Productions remains focused on agency television, film, and video production. ALTEMA has recently created a series of educational videos for the Czech National Bank's day of open doors in June 2010 in Prague. "It is necessary to be flexible in the new media business. Our team has gained this experience from many years in internet media development. Now we are concerned mostly with new opportunities," CEO of ALTEMA Stanislav Holec said about the change of the business plan.


ALTEMA’s license for cable broadcasting was granted for 12 years. The channel is focusing on alternative films, non-mainstream sports, and educational programming. "The thematic focus and ideas of the program remain unchanged in the new plan,” Holec said. "We would like to continue with the idea of content that offers more value than just pure amusement," he added.


ALTEMA TV Productions s. r. o. is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic where it was founded in February 2009 by Ing. Stanislav Holec, Bc. Pavel Pseidl, Karel Richtr and  Mgr. Ing. Josef Otcenasek. The team behind the project has many years of experience in the development of multimedia, video, and television production. The founder's team has experience from building the internet news portal iDNES.cz with its web TV, building and stabilizing the young music TV Ocko, practices in Czech TV Nova, and work for other TV companies e.g. Czech Television and Slovak Television.


ALTEMA TV Productions s. r. o., Bechorska 666/77, 19300 Praha 9, www.altema.tv

Stanislav Holec: stanislav.holec@altema.tvThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel: +420 602 656 394

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